As we journey through life we come across some disappointments, bitterness, betrayals and yes, challenges. One of the toughest things to experience is betrayal by people you trust, it’s just hard to swallow. Part of the reason why betrayal is so tough is because as human beings, when we trust, we give it out all and never expect those close to us to disappoint us.

Forgiving those who wrong you is hard but necessary to preserve you and provide you inner peace. Do you know that unforgiveness hurts the person carrying it not the people it’s directed at? You are simply damaging yourself when you don’t forgive.

At one point I was so angry and bitter towards people who had mocked and hurt me, I was intent on making them pay by not forgiving them and not paying attention to them. After some time I noticed that they were always smiling and I was grumpy and sad. I had to make a decision, either hold on to the bitterness or to let it go. I am so glad I decided to let it all go and forgive them, I am glad I let it go.

When you do not forgive, you turn yourself into a Prison guard because you have those people locked in your heart. While you hold on to the pain, the people who hold a grudge against are having fun. Learn to forgive and let it go, it is not worth your time to hold people prisoner in your heart. When you learn to forgive, you learn how to be wholly fulfilled and you are a step closer to your success.

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