Why Trump will be the leader of the Free World

Yes I said it, Donald J Trump will just be the next President of America. We have been watching this year’s Presidential race with intrigue and awe as Donald Trump has just defied logic to become the Republican Presidential Nominee when all the pundits & polls suggested otherwise.

When the race begun and Trump announced that he would be running for President many people assumed that he would either not last long or self distract but that all did not happen. Journalists, pundits and various experts and whoever else has a voice in the political arena all weighed in and said that Trump would fail because he has a loud mouth, loves himself too much and will eventually have no plausible way to the nomination, well lets not even discuss that.

So why do I believe that Trump has the chops to be the next President of America, well its simple and I will lay the case for you.

They are two major reasons why Trump will have a way to the Presidency, the media, angry folk and the misinformed folk. Lets walk though this in a very simple and deliberate way


  1. The Media

Trump could have not picked a better running mate than the media, they have been taken by his charm and wit and they are without a response to his tactics. The Trump celebrity charm hit the media from day one and they took him to be a joke, no one bothered to ask him the tough questions and now no one can hold him accountable.

Trump has a laundry list of missed statements that he has walked out of because he will not answer a question, he will deflect and speak of other things or basically dismiss the question and no one can follow-up with him. Trump knows how to dominate the media even when he is not on the set, he still is the news of the day and drive it.

Trump has called the Media lairs yet they swam to his rallies and providing him with free airtime. Trump is the first Candidate I know who can say something that is untrue and not be held to task about it.

The biggest strategy Trump put up the media does not seem to understand is the divide and conquer strategy. Trump will say one thing, his campaign staff will say another thing and when asked his team will say what they believed he is saying whether it contradicts him or not and Trump will dismiss everything as a misunderstanding and no one will bother to push back. It has been said that Trump speaks his mind and he seems to be a very strong character that the people are looking for, Political correctness ran for so long that people now do not know the difference between being rude and being politically correct.

The best thing that is causing Trump to win is the wall to wall 24hr New Cycle on him. I swear the Trump Campaign will say anything no matter true or false so that they remain dominant in the News and they are winning. Imagine what will happen if the News Media were to dedicate the same amount of time they are giving Trump now to the Libertarian Party and not even acknowledge Trump. He has spent virtually nothing because the Media have given him a free pass.

Here is how Trump views everything:

No-one but Trump knows policies

No-one but Trump understands ISIS

No-one but Trump can win

Make America can only be Great Again if Trump is President .Here is a Question, has the media asked Mr Trump which Era of America would he mirror for this greatness?

The best support tool for Trump from the media has been the Panels, roundtables and discussions they have been carrying out every night to bash what Trump said or says. Any person watching Trump being the topic of discussion every night easily starts to connect with Trump and give him the benefit of the doubt because these elitists are against him.

The Media has not put up facts for anyone to debate, wait, the media does not know where to start as a fact amongst the members of media is subjective depending on which Network you work for. So let try noting down a few facts that everyone agrees on.

2008 the economy was going down the tube

2008 the Housing market and the stock market collapsed

20008 jobs were lost in record numbers

2016 the economy id doing much better

2016 the house market bounced back

2016 jobs are being added to the economy

Now that America will be made Great again, can Mr Trump tell the Nation how he will do it and how Great it will be. The Media needs to stick to these questions than what he is saying on the former President or how he does not like a President he once called unfit to run for office because he is a muslim.

2. Angry & misinformed folk.

Need I say more. Can someone survey how much people know of Trumps Policies and his plans for America. The answer is why Trump will win.

Media, or rather partisan media has now created a world in which there is Conservative news & liberal news & there is no honest news. News is now red or blue not black or white. Republicans only believe what Fox News says and Liberals only trust MSNBC no wonder why fake news like The Daily Show with Trevor Noah is a credible way for people to get their news. 69 millions millennials in the country are a growing voting block and a majority of this group do not trust the traditional news outlets because they think the media are liars.

Congress is he least productive body of Government, leaders know how to stand against each other and never solve issues and the people are tired so Donald Trump has space to rise.

I hear people say that Trump speaks like real Americans and if that is true then America is backward and racist. I cannot believe that the country that gave the world the internet is the same place that wants to build walls to keep people out, that is not the America I always wanted to see and live in.

Some folk are angry and they don’t even know why, they are just mad because they have been told that everyone else is mad.

Trump is selling fear and is saying, be afraid of it, it will get you and the only person who can protect you from it is me and I know what it is so just make sure you vote for me and I will stop it.

Trump says he knows ISIS better than the Generals, if he knows so much why does he not become a true patriotic American and offer the solutions now before he becomes President or is he willing to see people die because he is not President and the only way he can help the country he loves is if he the highest person in elected office? If he can make America Great again why does he not tell everyone how, why is being President the only way Trump can help his country?

Misinformed folk care little for facts and because they do, Trump will be the next leader of the free world.




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