Democracy is messy not stupid

In many ways than one America has for years been looked at as a model of Democracy. Growing up I had no other country whose residents, celebrities or public figures I admired as America, not quite the case now. As a writer and speaker the likes of Martin Luther King Jr and Tony Robinson have been inspirations that I have always looked up to and I have even been researched the likes if President Lincoln and President Clinton. I watched as many people round the world, a young inspirational figure who by all means lifted the hopes of all people and in a generation made many feel like we were Americans even when we had no hope of getting a Visa. President Obama restored through his election hope that America was once again the beacon it was meant to be and all nations had hope that as humans we were headed in a new direction and our lives would be different, well that was the feeling and I loved it.

2008 things in America were bad, well lets face it, things the world over were so bad even today some people are still affected badly by the downed markets of 2008. President Obama, love him or hate him came in and did or did not do anything depending who is looking and things in America turn around. Confidence is back in the Stock Markets, American businesses are making profits yet in the stupidity of Democracy it is said, by some, that Obama will go down as one of the worst Presidents in America. Yes I said it, the Stupidity of Democracy, precisely the stupidity of Democracy. Let me qualify that with an explanation. In a Democracy there is freedom of speech, freedom of expression & freedom of the press. This is only but few things found in a Democracy but for my explanation enough to make my point. So anyone can say President Obama is a Muslim, anyone can say he wrecked the country even when facts don’t support it, that person can be a Public Official and they will get airtime and remain in a position of power because they live in a Democracy.

Democracy is mess, no stupid but what we have been reduced to accept is that public officials can say stupid things and that will get them cheered and appreciated because they have the loudest voice. It’s now okay ton be outrageous and ridiculous as long as you have a following and are chasing power, what a sad state of affairs. This surely cannot be how Americans want to be seen, that they lead by saying outrageous things and that makes them popular. Well, watch the current election and you will not help but cry. What has happened to the Nation of Lincoln, what has happened to the great nation, does political discord have to be this outrageous. Do leaders or those seeking to lead now make headlines by refusing to do their duty they were sworn in to do, does the loudest voice no get to lead instead of the best idea, does being negative give so much power that everyone finds pleasure in it? This is not how things should be.

I grew up watching the news with my dad, I so looked forward to it and if there was a time I felt close to my father was when he told me what was happening round the world and I got to tell him what I thought. We would listen to his favourite section which was called international news. I wish I could do that with my son, he comes into the room and I have to switch the news off or I watch the news when he is in bed simply because of what the leaders say. Public officials with families say outrageous things a stage during a debate, leaders call women names and make no apologies, this is wrong at every level, surely this is not what it means to be a Democratic Nation.

Instead of protests, its time that those who love Democracy stand for it, its time to speak with the loudest voice known in a Democratic Nation, the voice of a vote. Not vote for the loudest most divisive person but the most idea orientated person who can build a consensus and lead with integrity. It is time that this who love freedom show how its valuable, use the power of a vote to make decisions that will lead a nation into success not in to a perpetual cycle explanation and apology.

Democracy is messy, not stupid.

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