Leading self to the pit.

It is often said that if you say you are a leader and no one is following you are are not a leader but you are out for a walk. We make a big deal about leadership and often times we abdicate our responsibility as leaders looking for someone else to lead us.

Consider this very important fact, you are a leader in your own right, you lead yourself and if married you lead your family or kids if you have them. We have heard so much in leaders that we are always looking at all other leaders but ourselves and we expect so much of them and so little of ourselves to the point that we have neglected our own importance to lead self.

Here is the reminder, you should first be accountable to self before you look at what other leaders are or are not doing. The art of responsibility has been lost so much so we have no accountability to self, we simply break all the rules we set for ourselves and never take ourselves to task for those broken rules. Once upon a time people were so accountable that they would reflect on self and seek to be better but nowadays accountability is a lost art.

I was in a coffee shop, lined up getting ready to buy my usual chai tea when I heard, well we all heard him, a guy who was swearing on the phone. He must have said every obscene word known to men on the face of the earth within 30seconds of walking into the shop. I was in shock, we had women and kids in the shop but what was more shocking was not the fact that he threw the words out with ease, no. It was not even that he ended the call as if he was talking about grabbing a club sandwich for lunch, no, it was the fact that the people in the shop laughed as it this was normal behaviour. I must have been the only person in the shop that had his lower lip on the ground with shock. The guy just soldiered on as if all was ok and he continued with ease to order his drink sit down and make another call which was characterized with nothing but F words from the greeting he did to the goodbye to end the call.

Now to him this was normal behaviour and he was as accountable as he thought but what does this mean of our society. What used to be sacred and respectable has now become ordinary. To me it’s accountability gone in smoke and we do ourselves a disservice when we fail to recognize this. Frankly speaking we are leading ourselves into a pit with no brakes to stop us. We are creating a next generation of profane, non respectful young people that has no regard for other people and has no respect for humanity and self.

Do you remember a time when a handshake was all that was needed for a deal, a time when they were fewer written contracts because word was as good a contract? There was a time when contracts were done over the counter on a one page contract and now you cannot trust some people as far as you can throw them. We have lost the art of true leadership that starts with self and is accountable.

Take time to reflect what you do, is there honour, accountability and respect in all you do? Do not lead yourself to the out, be accountable and reflect on self. Amen.

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