A different kind of key

Imagine traveling for days, driving across the Country to a vacation post. You spend days of fun on the road and as soon you get there you jump in the hot tub. Imagine relaxing have nothing to do for a fortnight, imagine the most relaxed vacation ever and having a splendid time. Here comes the hook, now imagine the trip back home, days on the road, watching the Country side and ready to just get back to your house. As much as you enjoyed the vacation you now miss your own bed, you miss your house and you just want to get in an unwind. As you unload the car ready to get back in your house the kids are now hungry, they are cranky and very annoyed by the long trip, you realize that you left your keys in your vacation room.

I might be off base but I guess you would be mad, you would lose your mind, so to speak. A key is critical to open doors, it is the difference between a joyous return home and the worst possible reception and  frustration. Smaller than the door, smaller than the house yet very critical to your entry into the house.

Think about the keys you carry, how important are they to what you need? Besides physical keys, imagine digital keys we call passwords, how critical are they? A key is a powerful tool to unlocking great and small things, it opens doors and arenas that can propel you to greatness.

So, if you were to be honest and answer accurately, what is the key to success? I would say that the key to success is not simply one answer but a series of very important chain links that create this outcome we call success. Knowledge is at the centre or rather it is one of the biggest links in that chain and we ought to pay attention to everything we can in life, learning and acquiring knowledge at every turn.

Acquire as much as you can, try not to be the smartest person in the room. When you are the smartest, you are the only one who can give you advice you can respect so when you lie to yourself you have just opened the door to your failure and poverty. I often hear that knowledge is power, well it is.

Invest in Learning and obtaining knowledge, the knowledge you acquire can save your Life when you need it the most. Never let the sun go down without learning something new everyday. Knowledge is a key that can open doors but if you do not have this key at critical moments or while standing in front of the door, you can and will lose out on important deals and opportunities.

Remember, it is not just important to have the key but it must be the right key to the door you need open. Not every key opens every door, knowledge about raising pigs when you own horses will not do much for the horses you keep. Make sure your knowledge pertains to the subject at hand, you avoid misery when you have the right kind of key.

Make it count, know the difference between information and knowledge.

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