Tinted lenses

I fail to find words to articulate exactly what I want to say. I have a few carefully selected words that could clearly dissect and describe the issues that weigh heavy in me right now but those words mean nothing if I write them with bias. It has always been my desire to deliver my thoughts bias free and after considering all facts, I have done so and am ready to give my two cents.

We are bombarded with over five thousand media messages a day, from the time we walk up to the time we go to bed we consume more than we even recognize. Our toothpaste boxes, the tooth brush, towels, blankets, beds, cups, pictures, billboards, cars, TV and advertising boards are all speaking a message to us. We go shopping and we almost instinctively buy brands and items effortlessly because all day we were fed what the best product is and by the time we shop we have already been given the answers to questions we did not ask.

Think about it, everything you know about what you know was influenced by some commercial, friend or family member. When did you ever sit to compare items, their specifications, use, strength and the reason why you should or should not buy them? I know you haven’t, so how do you decide what to buy when are shopping?

Now consider the refugees from Syria, where did you get your information about them. Your bias, be it to have them come over or not to accept any of them, who or what influenced it. I can promise you did not just decide whatever you have decided on a whim, something influenced you. Before you comment on the issue, think again, take your time to find out all you have to then make your decision.

I could care less what your view is, I don’t even want to know but before you look at the world, check how your glasses look. Tinted lenses create a false narrative, they tell you a different story what you have to understand and agree or disagree with. Clean the lenses, look with clarity and speak honestly because the world demands authenticity, clarity and truth.

People of character will not bear witness to what they have not seen, considered with all facts on the table or agree with. Gather all the information, make an argument either way and have the truth as your final go to.

We we are bombarded with over five thousand media messages a day, they who push the information have an agenda, make sure you are not arguing someone’s agenda. Understand the issue at hand, get the facts, know the fact and speak with clarity.

Take off the tinted lenses, we need your best view on each and every matter the world is dealing with.

One Response to “Tinted lenses”
  1. Eze says:

    How do we take the tinted glasses if that’s what our eyesight is used to. We go to the churches we go to because of how they sell themselves to us etc. Would love to continue this in private sir.


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