Get up and keep living

The World has always been a dangerous place, rapists, murderers, thieves, assassin’s and all sorts of other evil beings. It seems to be getting darker as terrorists raise their heads. 

Switch on the news and there is nothing good on it, all terrible news after terrible news. The news media is making money from reporting bad news and propelling the message of terror in the name of reporting news. I get it, how many times can you report that terrorists killed people? The power of terror is in the message it sends and the fear it creates so how can people not fear when the news media push the story of fear 24/7.

I have a suggestion, ignore the news and live your life. Watching the news will keep you in fear, the media is out to keep you remembering and fearing what’s out there. Question, how will knowing what the terrorists are doing keep you safe, how will knowing how many were killed keep you protected? It’s time to ignore the fear propellers and live life. 

Watching the news will keep you afraid and living in fear, we will all eventually go so the only thing to do is live a full life and enjoy it. Do not bury your head in fear, do not stop traveling, do not stop having fun, do not stop fulfilling your purpose because the world is filled with evil people, live a full life.

If something important happens on the news you will see it on Facebook do ho on and live life and have fun.

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