Reality check

Full disclosure, I hate people who do things for show and equally hate those that point out the faults of others while pretending to be a victim. So I know you are thinking what in the heavens I am talking about, I will explain.

If you read or listen to the News you would have come across a story of a woman who was arrested for refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay people because it violated her conscience. The Supreme Court of the U.S has made it or declared that gay couples can be married and so it is the law of the land yet she will not do her job although she is the Clerk who has to do that. The Media frenzy has been like flies on horse waste, it has been a gong show.

Imagine, with kids dying in Europe while their parents try to go to greener pastures away from hunger, war zones and other disasters in their countries, the media in the U.S has been consumed by a woman who has failed to do her job. Now for those who think I am one-sided let me say that this entire gay marriage issue is not the issue that it has been highlighted to be. Really, the so-called battle was taken to the Supreme Court so why drum up all the fan fare that we have seen. I mean if the highest court in the land hand you a Victory, why make noise? All you have to do is point to the court ruling, that is your calling card. The gay couples could have simply gone elsewhere and got their licenses then sued this lady for failing to do her duty but no, it had to be National News.

I don’t want to minimize anything but seriously, is this the biggest problem in the world right now, do we have to make gay marriages the issue of the century right now?

Kim Davis in my book was wrong, if she felt so strongly about this issue she should have quit her job and gone on to work in a Church where she can accomplish her calling. Kim is better working for an Organization that represents her values not one that is open to everyone and every view that is the Government.

I am a Christian too, spirit filled, Bible believing so I am not anti Christian, I am one. I have no issues people being what they want but I refuse to be forced into believing what anyone believes simply because they think they are discriminated therefore everyone has to bow to them, that is wrong, that is not the way to lead life, no.

The gay community need to quit demonizing everyone who does not agree with them. We are all different, do not push your agenda but calling other people names. People have shouted at Kim for being married a few times, that is wrong. If you don’t like what Kim is doing I get it but do not call her names to make your point, you just sound like a mean bully.

In life, balance is the key, we have to live together and that means we have to balance living with each other. Everyone is on the earth, breathing the same air so let’s all get along, we can disagree but not demonize each other and call each other names.

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