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Depending on who you talk to, some people have a pathetic view on money and some frankly speaking have no clue what to think about it. The worst kind of view is the one that subscribes to the thought that money is evil.

I double dog dare you to stand in a coffee shop, pretend you are looking at the board for a coffee then gently look at the people around and utter these words “boy coffee sure is expensive” you will get people talking, some even with a great disgust yet they are in the shop to buy coffee. Carry that conversation a step further and talk about how money is evil, not necessary, overrated or meaningless and I can guarantee you a choir will respond in some way or fashion. I do it for fun, just to hear how people think, I get people bickering about money, just when they wait for me to support them, I pronounce my love and appreciation of it.

Let’s face it, if money was not important a great deal of us would not discuss salaries during interviews, we would not seek greener pastures so to speak. I do not know of anyone who has a 9-5 job who does it for charity, no pay. So the excuse is that Bulls have to be paid and to that I say, are the bills evil too?

Those who love to quote the half scripture they read in the bible say that money is evil, I know, they take what they want to hear. It is true, the love of money is the root of all evil. Take it for what it is, a thief is a laY person who wants to get ahead without breaking a sweat and take from those who have worked. Notice I say take, it’s a less pathetic way of calling thieves pm thieves. There is nothing as disgusting as a person who waits for other people to work then they steal. It’s like taking sweat from a person’s body who has run a marathon while you were in a car then jump off at the finish line and smear the sweat of the runner on yourself, pathetic I say.

Money has no conscience, it takes the character of the one who has it. There is a reason why not many, if any, that have won the lottery are on the rich list. When you have no concept of how to use money, when you fall into riches the reason you are likely to go broke quick is the lack of appreciation for money. What you appreciate you protect, it grows, you invest in it and it gives you reward and clearly what you do not appreciate you lose.

Money should work for you to get more money. The lack of money in your life does not mean there is no money in the world, same as the loss of money on the stock market does not mean money is lost, someone has it. Money is what it is, a currency used to acquire things. The same way a trader can bet in the market going up, they can bet on it going down so basically when the market goes down and investors lose, someone is making money because they bet that the market would fall. That is not a problem with money, it is a problem with people who rig and play the market.

$million dollars in Churches account has no great meaning than the same amount in a Governments account, the difference is the causes that are pursued by both groups. Money is neither good nor bad, its money. What people choose to do with money on the other hand is what should matter, it is never the money, it’s the user.

So for whatever you think or don’t think about money, always remember that what you respect you attract and what you despise you push away. The reason some of you have no money is because you despise it, try liking it a little and see if you get to keep more of it than what you currently have. If you like money a little more than you do now maybe you will have more money than month as is your current situation.

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