What, why & how

Focus on your purpose

Focus on your purpose

When it comes to your purpose you have to constantly ask the right questions to ensure you stay on message and that you live your purpose. I know they are those who will say I don’t even know my purpose, those who are in constant search for their reason for living. I have a few suggestions that may help you identify your purpose.

1. What is it that comes naturally to you?
2. What drives you?
3. What irritates you the most & you want to do something about it?
4. What is it that you love to do and would do even when no one offers to pay you.

Those questions should narrow if not take you to your purpose, you could find that all questions help or one of them is the end all tell all question that brings you to your purpose. At the end of the day it’s your purpose and if you know it, you can get to live it.

What, why and how are questions which go hand in hand with your purpose, let me explain. Daily we have chores, we have errands and yes work to do. The questions that I often get are around how does one fit their purpose into their daily routine as they have life to lead and families to take care of. I must be honest, I can easily do it because I see my purpose being a part of my daily routine and I cannot separate my purpose from my daily. As a Motivator, I get to motivate my wife, my kids and everyone around me so it’s not a separate thing from my life, it is my life.

So the question what is lined up with the concept of What is my purpose. Answer that question then you have to move to the why which clarifies and explains the what. It’s not enough to know what your purpose is, you have to know why it is your purpose. Why is your purpose to care for the mentally ill,why is your purpose to empower people, why is your purpose to reconcile marriages, why do you have the drive that you have? That is fundamental to your purpose because when you hit speed bumps, challenges, walls, it’s the why that gets you focused and back in the game. Why you have your purpose as a purpose becomes the anchor you dock you pr purpose boat on and holds you steady when all else seems upside down.

Finally is the how you fulfill your purpose or put in a different way, how to you execute what you do to get it to the people it’s meant for?. This is the place where most either quit, struggle, or fail. How is important because if it fails to come out or you fail to reach the people who you feel you should serve, meet, help or be a part of, how do you connect with a sense of accomplishment when the very essence of that accomplishment is a distance away and never showing up. How is really the delivery part and you can only deliver what you know and understand so how you deliver matters even more that what you are delivering.

Take your time to gather the thought of what your purpose is, why is it your purpose and how will you deliver, communicate or execute your purpose in everyday life.

In your day today endeavours, ask yourself what am I doing, what do I have to do, what is expected of me, what is the purpose of this organization, what is the purpose of your firm. When you have no idea what your purpose is, you can live as if there is no tomorrow, you work with no sense of fulfillment and complain about everything and everyone. Delivering the why and how becomes easy win you understand fundamentally what you have to do. What you have to do is who you are so the question is more “why were you born?”

Remember to always ask the questions before you dig into something, know before you act.

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