Start by starting

Have you ever wanted to start again, rewrite a wrong chapter of your life, move on with your life after a mishap, move on after a heartbreaking event but you just cannot find a way? You want to know what to do next but there does not seem to be a good way out, you feel stuck and just don’t know what to do next or how to move on, well, start by starting.

Every story has a beginning, a middle and an ending, when one chapter ends, another begins. You will never have a perfect moment to start anything, you will never have the opportunity for anything, if you want to start a new page, life, job, career, relationship or family, just start. The first step is starting, you cannot get to page two without page one, you can’t have level two without level one, just start by starting. Sometimes we want the conditions to be right, we want all the so-called ducks to line up, it might happen but then again you could wait all your life for it. I have learnt the best lesson in life that there is no time like the present time. If I get an idea I plan right away to see how I will execute the plan and once the planning is done, I execute. There is no time like the present, if not now then when?

The bottom line is this, there is never a good time to start something therefore you might as well start now. If you are serious, have considered the idea, planned accordingly and are confident in your idea then the best thing you can do is go for it. If not now then when? If not, why not?. The best laid plans are never realized if there is no execution.

We have often heard that procrastination is the thief of time, I laugh at that statement because it suggests that time is something that can either be given or taken. Time is eternal, before we were born there was time, you can never have enough you can never have too much, time is just time. If you do not do something or if you do it, time does not stop, it does not change, it just is. The truth of the matter is time Respects no
Person, it is there for all and what we do in any period is a reflection of what we prioritize and hold dear. If you want something done right now, do it.

Someone will read this article and say “Isaac, not everything can be started now, look at farmers, they have seasons, how can I just plan and start without considering other factors?” My answer is very simple, you cannot plan just how to execute without considering all the factors and you do not need all the factors to be in place to start. They are farmers who plant all year round because they have specially built Greenhouses where they can carry their year round farming, plan with seasons, people, geography, political factors, social factors in mind but never use them as an excuse not to do something. Your plans should be a solution to how you execute and if you do not have a solution then you have not completed your planning.

Start by starting. You will only move from one place to another if you make the first step, get going. Have you ever considered how a house is built? Until the first shovel goes into the ground to remove the dirt and clear the ground for a foundation, that house is not going to be built. It’s easy to look at a 4500sq ft house in awe of how big and beautiful it is
And miss that before it became this structure, there was nothing but dirt where it stands. A shovel or bucko had to move the first scoop of dirt to make way for the structure. Start by starting.

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