Be deliberate about it all

There is a lot of information out there about life, about health, sex, money and about information. We now live in an era where some have even termed it an A.D.D culture, there is a lot of information and we cannot keep up with the information so we are getting lost in all the noise. I read a book which said that we are exposed to 5000 media messages a day, that is a lot of information. Billboards, buses, taxis, trains, trucks, newspapers, fuel station pumps all are sending messages and we are being told things without even knowing it.

Have you ever sang a song and wondered where you heard it, or repeated a line that you liked but could not remember where or who told you about it? You shop everyday, why do you pick the brand items that you do, is it because someone through the TV commercials or a billboard suggested that it was the best product to buy? I will suggest that yes, you are told what to buy by the shops, the Internet sends you commercials that are targeted just for you because someone has taken the time to research your buying habits. You need to do what they do to you, take your time to research what you and be vigilant what you listen to and watch.

I never used to pay attention to what I listen to or watch, if it was on TV I watched it, if it was on the radio channel that I was listening to then I would let it play. That is not how to lead life, you have to be deliberate about what you listen to, what you watch and do because it dictates the results you get in life. Life is a muscle and you have to exercise it always, you have to concentrate on it and focus your efforts on it. When you hit the gym, you just don’t get in and hit every machine then go out, no. You target different muscle groups and work them and you are deliberate about which muscles way before you hit the gym, what you do in the gym is a product of what you purposes to do way before you attended. Do the same with life, be deliberate about everything you do, plan your life and purpose what you see, listen to and do.

The best athletes, scholars, politicians, bankers, CEOs and even Soldiers are those who practice and concentrate on their craft. It is true, champions are not made in the ring, they are merely recognized there. Champions become champions through the work they put in their daily routines, the plan, purpose and focus on what they want to achieve and that is how they can simply deliver when they are in the ring. Life should not be a round of surprises everyday, it should not be catching you off guard everyday but instead you should be able to plot your moves as you move. Am I saying that if you plan and purpose how you live you will not ever have surmises, heck no. What I am saying is planning and being deliberate gives you the opportunity to stay ahead of surprises, you actually are caught
Off guard less times than when you have no plans.

Never let life dictate the pace everyday, plan and purpose as you wish and live life to the fullest. Be deliberate about everything you do and plan accordingly so that you are less off guard when the storms come.

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