Fight to keep your success

The easiest thing to do in this life is to lose ground on success gained, yes I said it, it’s the easiest thing to do. I used to think that success was difficult, I thought it was a battle and very hard to get to the top. Funny, no one told me it was hard, the people I watched and saw just made it seem that way and from that I was assured that success was very tough to obtain.

I must admit, what I have heard through the so-called grape-vine and from various people, is ludicrous, they say success is like a secret code which is only given to a few people who are either rich, perfect, deserving or chosen. It’s laughable, really pathetic at best. Truth be told, we all achieve a measure of success in our life and because our successes are proportional, we cannot measure our successes against people who are a class or four above us. Think what you may, our society has created classes and they actually are alive and well. Ok, let’s get back on track here, let me show you just how it’s easy to lose your success.

We often get comfortable, we enjoy life and forget that it took months, years and at time a lot of blood and sweat to achieve the success we have. We forget that it took sleepless nights, late nights, missed birthday parties, money and friends to achieve that success. The forgetting is not the issue, the issue is that when we forget the fight and the years we spent trying to get to our successes, goals, hills or mountains, we stand to lose it all. Victories are easy to talk about, they have a bigger meaning when they are preserved and cherished. Imagine soldiers going to war, winning and area then as soon as they win, they move out to the next town. I can assure you the enemy will come in so fast they will not know what hit them.

A soldier or army knows that after you win, you go and set yourself in strategic places so you are ready to defend your new ground should the enemy decide to come back and fight for his land.

If you want to maintain your success and victories, never take them for granted, cherish them. It is always a good reminder to write them down and revisit it time and time again. We live in the age of gadgets, get one that can save your important dates and times so that you always remember your victories and never lose them cheaply. Fighting to maintain or keep your success entails you actually being conscious of the success and marching towards it.

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