When small is big

Secrets Of The Winning Edge


Job 8:7

And though your beginning was small, yet your latter end would greatly increase

Everything that God does starts small. The entire Kingdom of God works by seed, which grows up to yield a harvest. Even Jesus, when He came into the Earth, had to start as a tiny baby. The day of small beginnings is the thing that sets you up for increase.

Don’t try and start big or increase all at once. Don’t expect to go from the ghetto to the mansion in one step, or from the bottom to the top all at once. Of course this can happen, but the usual way is that God will increase you step at a time, and you will see victory over your enemies little by little (Deuteronomy 7:22)

There is great power concealed in the small things in life, because before we know it, they become big. It’s the small things…

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