Reality of fairnes

Two drivers racing down a busy highway, one is late for an important meeting and the other is just having fun in their new car and testing out the speed. The police stop the one who is late for the meeting and impound their car, the other fun loving driver goes “Scott free”. Is that fair?

In that context it does not really hit home the impact of the decision that the police make, it is really a distant thing to you, I can bet you have just written off both drivers and you could care less what happens to both because the opening line talks about the drivers speeding. We tend to do that, we read one line then we make a decision and from that very time we have made an opinion we set our minds on that and everything else we read either reinforces our opinions or does not matter because it does not support our standing.

Let me me be blunt because that is the only way I know to make a point and to communicate, favour just like life, ain’t fair. There is no fairness in life, it’s sad to say but life does not really follow the human needs when it comes to fairness, favour and compassion. You see the examples of how life is unfair every single day, from the mother who works two jobs to feed her children whose father is too drunk to take care off or a girl who life is cut short because a guy decided to I pregnant her then back off and now he is too busy to help her raise her child. You see it in the daughter who works so hard to please her father by playing every sport, joining the army because daddy wanted a boy now she has to do all the boyish things to make daddy happy, you see it in the wife who still works ever so hard to please a husband who beats her up for every single mistake she makes and calls her names when she fails a task or forgets to do what he instructed how is that fair.

Bad things in life are not designed for a particular person but such as life is, it can happen to anyone, you have to choose your path and happen to life instead of life happening to you. You can choose something different, you can apply yourself to a reality you create not just wait for the bad stuff in life to happen because life ain’t fair. The reality of life is that it happens to all, the truth of life is you can change the reality to what you want it to be. I was born on a continent that is known for poverty, in a town that is not known to many. The odds of me being anything either than a local guy were higher than the odds if me ever writing a blog yet now I am in a first world nation and leading somewhat of a great life. I did not have to become what my surrounding commanded or what most of my peers and family expected, I become what I wanted and what I pushed myself to be. Make no mistake, I am not where I want to be but I am not where I was expected to be and for that I am grateful. Life ain’t fair, deal with it. Put on your big boy or big girl pants and make life happen the way you want it to happen because left to its own devices, Life ain’t fair.

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