When your hero dies

Take a second and think about it, we grew up watching superman, batman, The Incredible Hulk, Captain Planet and you know what, all those heroes never died. We were automatically wired to believe that our heroes live forever, they never die, no matter what the odds are, they always come out in top and never ever die, sad to say it’s not reality. They are a lot of lessons we have carried from our childhood, rightly or wrongly but we have carried those in our minds and they are lessons that stay.

I am not happy doing this but I have to say heroes die, sorry but they do die. Question for you, what do you do when when hero dies, do you move on to a new hero or do you mourn your hero for as long as time permits? This can possibly be the easiest question to answer if you consider the TV fictitious characters to be your heroes but if you consider your father, mother, wife, brother, teacher, cousin, friend or wife to be your hero then that is not a very easy question to answer. Some heroes cannot be replaced and the thought of them not being with us is not even entertainable.

One of my heroes passed away a few days ago, he was with his wife, daughter and his son inlaw, what a tragedy. Today I don’t mourn his death, I celebrate his life. Dr Miles Munroe said that he wanted to die empty, he did. Dr Munroe gave his life for the Kingdom, he travelled the world over teaching, he sacrificed his time to enrich the people of God and did not tire or give up. Dr Munroe will always be a hero to me, he has left a lasting legacy that will live for generations to come and for that I am eternally grateful. My heart overflows with joy, a hero has gone to be with The Lord, he ran his race and now he is with his lover, father and friend.

Heroes do not live forever, the ones in the movies do but not in real life. I have decided to celebrate the gift that the hero is, for you to call them your hero means that you celebrate, enjoy or benefit from something that they give or impact to you. When they go, choose to celebrate that, their gifting. My hero will always be that, my hero. I choose to keep him alive in my memory, in reading his work and listening to his messages, his word was timely and will forever be the fuel that keeps me going. I am eternally grateful Dr Miles Munroe helped me grow spiritually and mentally, I appreciate his wisdom and counsel through the word he preached.

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