Beware of wounded foes

Growing up in Africa gave me the luxury of watching some of the most aggressive fights possible, animal fights. I have watched the most dangerous animals attack and the most soft animals give a defence that any fighter would be impressed with, that all was good life lessons.

One of the most amazing fights I saw was a cat that did a number on two pit bulls. Well let me be honest, my friends and I had run into the cat while we were riding our bikes in the Forrest. We had so much compassion we took the cat home to care for it but my mother was anti-animals, she had a special hate for cats. I had managed to lock the cat in our garage we hardly used, it was safe there and I thought would heal it’s broken leg with no one finding it ever. A week after the cat had settled in, my mother decided to clean the garage, the cat was not yet well at that point. Our next door neighbour had two huge pit bulls, those two animals were vicious and trained to kill. Africa is a place where dogs are security guards not really family, they are trained to guard and are protectors of the home. My mother was in such shock when she opened the garage that she grabbed this lonely looking cat and threw it as far as she could which to the horror of the cat was in the yard where the pot bulls lived.

With a broken leg, no place to go, the cat could only back herself into the corner after the two pit bulls came furiously at her. Wounded and in a corner, I watched this poorly looking animal fight so hard she managed to wound the dogs in a very bad way. Funny thing was she fought with only one leg yet the damage she did was overwhelming, the dogs got a little more than they bargained for, she was brutal in her defence of her life. It took time but after a short while the dogs backed off and went away, the cat had won the fight.

I have discovered that my enemies are more dangerous wounded than they are well, really, they have more of a fight when they are hurt than when they are very healthy. Never under estimate the strength of a wounded person, wounded emotionally, spiritually, mentally or otherwise. What am I saying? Certainly not to fight people because they are hurt but that when you find yourself in a fight with your enemy and they are wounded, never think of them as weak. There is a deeper resolve that is shown by those wounded and in pain, they want to do more and fight a little harder and for that you need to know that the only time to relax is when you are asleep otherwise fight every second and never let up.

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