Inspired by a 5year old.

It has been a very long and productive summer, I have been so tied up and so busy that I have been saving my blogs in draft form pending their release. I feel like it has been a very long time and it is a little strange reading and editing this blog. In a bid to let my come back article be good, I had to rewrite this article after my son took me to task and inspired a few things which I could not help but pen down.

Tuesday September 2 was back to school day, we had been planning it for a good week and doing a countdown with my son, he was so thrilled. As most of you have already figured, I am an unapologetic Christian, we take every opportunity to pray as we drive to drop my son off. This Tuesday was a very perfect opportunity to continue with our routine, we had to pray but my son felt we should talk about what was on his mind. We prayed before taking off so we could talk as we drive, it was really interesting. The conversation went a little like this :

TJ – daddy do you know you can be anything you want to be
Me – sure thing buddy, right now I love what I am doing
TJ – I know daddy
Me – what’s on your mind buddy
TJ – I want you to be happy daddy, you are a clever guy
Me – I am happy TJ, why do you say that
TJ – I was praying and Jesus told me that your daddy has everything he needs to be happy, he told that you should do what makes you happy and that you must work very hard. Jesus said you should use what he gave you and you will be happy daddy, think you should listen to Jesus daddy. I listen because you told me to listen to him so you need to listen to your children when they are told by Jesus what to tell you.

At that point words failed me, we pulled up to the school and I kissed him good bye. I spent the entire afternoon trying to figure out what or how my son would have come up with that. It hit me, I should not worry about where he got it but actually see if I am happy. How often do our kids come up with profound ideas and we dismiss them? We often look at the kids and think that they are nothing but kids, they know nothing.

While I was happy in my job and actually very content, I was not fully applying myself to my passion, this was my “aha” moment, I woke up. I want to be happier than I am and the one thing that I need to do is step up my speaking engagements. I live for it, I have been blessed with a great career that I love but the one thing that I also love I had neglected and that conversation with my son was the one thing I needed. How awesome is it to get a pep talk from your son, it was timely talk, it was a needed talk and I really learnt from my son at that moment. We now have a new routine, we pray before leaving the house so we can chat and just bond, I believe he has a few wisdom nuggets I could use.

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