Don’t attempt, do

When approaching an issue,challenge or conquest, do not go in with an i will see attitude but rather plan to execute and do. I have discovered that many failed attempts to execute are not because there is fear but rather that there was never planning and never a belief that it can be done. You are almost guaranteed to fail if you approach a situation with an attitude that is not positive and white washed.

When I first say my wife at a wedding of a friend I thought she was beautiful, I was taken from the very second I laid my eyes on her. I remember being very shaky and not sure what to say and if she would even look at me, I discounted myself before I had even talked to her. I remember thinking about my one room in a shared apartment where I had nothing of significance, I had already looked at my bank account and thought about my very lowly paying part time job, she had not even said two words to me then. I had not planned talking to her, I was watching her like a hawk and of course by now I had made the mistake of being caught looking, she stirred with a look that questioned me.

As you will have likely guessed by now, I liked her but wanted nothing to do with talking to her strange ha. I liked this girl so much I did not want to talk to her, I could not bring myself to talking and just the thought of talking to her made my mouth go dry and my lips were shaking. It so happened that I found myself standing face to face with her being introduced to her, smiling I could not bring out any words, not even hello. I was like a deer stuck in the glare of headlights at night caught in the middle of the road, star struck is a term that comes to mind. I thought that I would ask for her number and see what happens. I was not sure, I did not really have a plan of how to talk to her, I honestly did not anticipate talking to her. I was in no uncertain terms shut down and not entertained, she sent me to two young guys she was friends with knowing fully well that they would give me a hard time for her number. I threatened, begged, pleaded and begged again these two young men with no success, for weeks they taunted me and had the time of their lives watching me beg for the number.

My inability to have confidence cost me weeks of agony, I could have been bold and decisive to get the girl. Funny, I later discover after we are dating that she was interested in me and was sure I would pursue her and was willing to talk but I had already discounted myself. While I was watching her, I had no clue she was watching me, I hear now how she had asked a few people about me, she wanted me to talk to her and was more than willing only to be turned off by my shaky speech and creepy looks instead of being sure footed. If only I had just walked up and made conversation, she thought to herself. Looking back and talking to my wife know about that day is something fascinating. She really had seen my interest and was excited by my internet yet my indecision turned her off and really cost me a number that day, she was not prepared for an unsure dude who could not make conversation.

Life is there for the taking, once you know what you want, plan your method and course of attack then go for it. What if you make a mistake, well truth is it’s better to try and fail than not try at all. Many famous, rich, wealthy and successful people will tell you that some of the greatest discoveries they made were from failed experiences. It is failure that can be your biggest teacher than the best research you can do.

Once you know what you want, plan then execute, do try but just go for it. It is in doing that you gain more perspective and momentum, you actually get to discover yourself and in that doing you realize some of life’s joy. You can live your life being so careful and not going for what you want, that’s one way to live. There is another side, where you go for what you want and you achieve success even through failure (this is a topic on its own).

Do not attempt, just do it.

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