See it then chase it

So you are planning to become the President of your Country, you really have excitement about the prospect but as you think about it you just cannot see it happening. You think about the finances, your family, your knowledge of politics, the burden of running a nation and all that causes you to feel overwhelmed such that you cannot see the Presidency, how should you proceed? It’s a daunting thought right? What you want you cannot envision, you just cannot see the future. I have a simple but profound thought about it, if you cannot see it, don’t pursue it.

The beautiful thing about a vision is that it drives you, it is a mental picture of a physical outcome that is still a thought which has just been written to provide clarity. There is nothing as unattractive than a person without conviction for their own vision and plan. I do not mean to offend anyone but the truth of the matter is if you are not that much into your own plan then why should anyone else be in it with you?

Who would shoot in the dark, maybe let me ask it in a different manner, if you are blind folded and given a gun to shoot a moving target, would you shoot it? If the answer is no I dare you never to chase a vision which you cannot see becoming life. I don’t want to sound rude but only a person who has no hope for the future will throw their life away like that, spending your energy on something that you cannot see becoming a reality is really like punching the air. It’s a mindless task, a job of no work really.

The aim of a vision is to be a map that you use to navigate to your destination and if you cannot see the destination, don’t go for it. Build the vision until you can see the end then go for it, that is the point when you can act, when you can see the end before you even begin. I am not suggesting that things will turn out how you envision them but it is better to move forward with a plan because when things get tough you simply get tougher and keep plugging away.

See it then chase it, that is the way to build your vision and make sure it becomes life.

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