The height of insanity

Okay, you have heard me rant before but this time it’s a controlled rant. I know we live in an immoral world where anything goes and the most outrageous have become common and expected but give me a break. I don’t get this insanity, I really do not understand half of this nonsense stupidity, I don’t. So, they are 2 particular things I need to let out, yes, just 2. I just have to, it’s time I said something

1. Violent and dark movies

So I am in the movie house with my wife ready to watch “think like a men too” and 90% of the trailers have nothing but violence, horrific, gruesome dark showings coming soon. We have somehow come to except that for a movie to be exciting it has to be dark and evil. Blood has to be splattered all over the screen and killing has to be so dark and nasty otherwise it is not a great movie, really. 98% of the audience that was outside the movie house were kids at least 19 years of age or younger, that is how money is now made. Exploit the young audience, get as much out and care not about their sanity and state of mind after the movie. These movies are so dark the nightmares they create is nothing short of nasty. With the gun issues in the states, it’s time these nasty killing and violent movies be revisited or at least the rating needs to be lifted up a lot.

2. Love and marriage is not a game

Remember I said 90% of the trailers were all nasty, horrific, graphic bloody killings right, well the other 9% were love and marriage trailers. Okay, okay the last 1% were come dish trailers. Comedish because it was really a poor attempt at it, pathetic I must say. So again someone made a decision that our society is now all about lust, cheating and deception. Look at the movies produced in the last few years about marriage, how is any of them an endorsement on marriage and love? We have the Bachelorette which is basically a parade of how not to do a relationship but it’s thrown on the big screen as the picture of how to fall in love. I cannot believe how having a girl, with 25 guys, making out at every turn is the template of the so called “falling in love” structure. Really, tell me how having 25 guys and making out with each of them or eve 5 of them under the same roof is the way to find love?

How did we get here, at what point was violence, blood shed, fear, cheating, nudity the way to lead in a society? Have we lost the values of what made the previous generations, is this really what we are become? If it is the life we now lead then may I suggest that we have reached the height of insanity.

Reality TV has nothing real to offer, it is a presentation of what we should not have our kids exposed to. From mass shootings, kids acting as if they are on a battle field, gunning down people and killing other human beings including Police officers to a girl dating 8 guys and making out with them, we have lost it. This is really insane that our moral compass is guided by fictitious events which have become the template we hang on hats on. What in the world are we doing, what legacy are we leaving for our kids when the only life they experience is one that is acted out on the big screen, is Hollywood truly our moral centre and is are we living through what is being acted out.

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