What stops you?

What has stopped you from attaining your dreams or chasing them? Looking back in my own life the challenges I had in chasing my dreams were because I felt inferior. I felt that life had nothing for me because of where I was born and because I did not carry a famous last name. I looked down on myself and felt like no one will ever take me seriously, boy was I wrong.

A life that is pledged or dedicated to nothing achieves nothing. It’s really that simple, if you think you can’t, you won’t and if you think you can you will. They are few guarantees in life and I am not one to give you any guarantees normally but in this case I will. If you think you cannot achieve something I can guarantee you that you will get exactly that, nothing. You have to carry a certain arrogance that dares say that I am a winner and will chase everything I want, not too much but just enough to make you chase after what you want.

Humor me, answer the poll questions and let’s see what forces people away from their dreams, you are not alone.

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