What do you see in the mirror

Useless, unwanted, unloved, pathetic, whatever name people call you, what do you see when you look in the mirror. The media have a way of defining things, our morals, values and perspective are shaped by those so called celebrities. We have ceased to value self and now value other people more than ourselves which has really caused us to be a society of the insecure and people worshippers.

What causes a person to overcome obstacles has little to do with what people say but more to do what how one thinks about themselves. What you think of yourself with cause you to sink or swim. The biggest battles that we fight are not with people, the biggest battles we fight are in our minds. Have you ever met someone who thinks they are the best thing since sliced bread? Rightly or wrongly, what causes that person to be full of themselves is self belief. A drive to be significant that makes a person want more than being a mediocre to the degree that they see themselves being the absolute best.

Look in the mirror and see who you want to be not what people think you are. Let me qualify that statement, if people think you are nothing, you cannot become anything significant and will not amount to anything, see yourself as the person you want to become, a person of influence and stature, a person of wisdom and wealth then move towards your goal. Thinking and dreaming about it is not enough, do something about how you see yourself, go get it. Drive towards what you see in the mirror, desire and build towards its.

Connect with people that reinforce who you want to be not those with reinforce a negative look of you. What you hear builds how you perceive yourself so be around people,who build you than tear you apart. Gaze in the mirror and speak life, speak positivity, speak success to yourself and pursue it. The mirror should be the place where you see yourself the way you want to be not what other people see. A mirror is not biased but people are, a mirror is not cruel, it reflects what you see so see yourself in a positive light not as what you heard from other people.

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