It’s a choice

Children, kids, little ones, our future, whatever and however you want to call them, children are amazing. I don’t know about you but I can spend hours looking at my kids sleep, I watch them play, I hug them tightly every chance I get, I really cannot get enough of them. I look at them and I am filled with pride and joy, I get to raise them, teach, mentor, council and play with them, what an honour.

Okay it’s not like sipping on a cup of tea I get that, it’s not a walk in the park, it’s not all glamour and flash lights I get that, but it is still the best thing one can do. Raising kids is an awesome privilege, it a job like no other, fulfilling, rewarding and a joy.

Now here is where I get a little annoyed, people who call their kids a mistake, people who say that having kids ruined their lives, people who call kids a distraction, I simply don’t get that. I don’t get it for two reasons, parents are kids too and there is no law that forces anyone to have kids, it’s a choice. So, you are raised by your parents, you enjoy life and then when you have kids and get the chance to raise a life too now you have an issue with that? You meet someone and do everything together, have fun and then have kids and that becomes a mistake? Who has kids and does not know how to create them, seriously?

Don’t do the deed if you don’t like the outcome, I mean it, don’t do it. If you feel not ready, or pressured or even compelled to have kids, don’t. You have to want them, it has to be a choice you make with no outside influence or pressure. Do not even let your spouse, your partner or whoever pressure you or make the decision for you. Make the choose and live by your choice. If you have the children with a “wrong partner” that does not mean the kids are a bad choice too. Humans produce humans and the way we continue our kind is to have more of our kind and they so happen to start as babies.

Don’t make dumb choices then blame the outcome for the choice you made. If you cannot have all you want, have some of what you want. Prioritize, find the most important and pursue that. If kids are on that list then make them a priority, kids cannot be compared or equated to anything, they are not at par with anything. Once you decide to have kids, make your life work in and around the kids. Remember, you had the kids and it was your choice not their choice so take care of them.

Life is full of choices, make them but don’t let your kids suffer when you make bad calls, its life, love them no matter what and sacrifice for them.

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