To lead, be lead

I have been blessed enough to have worked for and with my mentors. All my bosses were my mentors, they were older, experienced and well suited to lead, I still have some degree of connection and still learn from them. 

There is one trait that I saw in all my bosses, they were students of their craft and had leaders they respected and learnt from. It is so refreshing to know and see my hero learning from his own hero, it tells me that i have more to learn. You can never exhaust the depth of information and experience out there so learning from one who has already experienced it and is still learning is refreshing.

Great leaders are great students, you have no place in leadership if you think you know it all and that only your ideas are worth the light of day. As a leader it is important to be ever learning and adopting to the ever changing busy world. A leader who cannot sit do to learn is a dangerous leader, he can lead his people astray because he is using stale ideas to lead. Be open to change and learning, know that there is always room to learn and grow.

If you are truly interested in leading, be a student yourself and allow someone else to lead you.

2 Responses to “To lead, be lead”
  1. joedalio says:

    Thanks for the great post! It’s an excellent concept, and it goes the other way too. For example, if you want love, give it. When we “are” what we desire, it tends to manifest rather quickly 🙂


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