Know you better

Facing the mirror you wonder to yourself, you ask yourself the question in a still very ignorable voice “am I really capable of doing that, I thought I was the opposite” you are not sure how people will perceive you, after all you had been the ideal friend, lover, brother, sister, husband, wife or whatever else you are. The realization that you can snap, be vicious, be abrupt, be cold is really driving you off the wall, you have come face to face with the inner you and it scares you, it’s really affecting you.

Like so many of us, I had not really come face to face with my ugly side until I got that someone who could press my buttons, I was so sure I knew myself but as soon as I had that special someone, I realized that I did not know myself as much as I wanted to. We make a fuss about finding that one person that will complete you yet the truth is we should be working on ourselves to know ourselves better and be the best we should be. I discovered the hard way that I was not as patient as I thought, not all my buttons had ever been pressed because I was good at avoiding people who got under my skin.

Think about out it, we all have our own finger prints, in the entire world, no one has your finger prints. Take a second more to think aboIt it. We all have different fingerprints and are that unique yet we believe we can find that one person that completes us, ummm. I love my wife, she is the best thing that ever happened to me but she does not complete me, we compliment each other. I am a whole and complete person and so is she, I had to work on being the best me so that I give her a complete partner and she had to do the same. Yes I know it’s hard to consider that we have to give ourselves to our partners complete and whole, we have to.

It is important to know yourself before you think of being with anyone, not so that you can throw it in yours better halfs’ face that you know yourself very well, no, but so that you can be the best for them. When you are the best you and you give the best and everything to your other half, you will never be shocked by what comes out under pressure. Oh by the way, you are capable of nasty thing if you do not work on your character, you have to work on your character as much as you work on your thirst.


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