Face it like a grown up

I am told that hate is a strong word and I should use it sparingly, I hate people who crumble when it comes to crunch time. Yes, I said it, I really hate people who act like kids when faced with life’s challenges. I do not say this lightly and suppose that all challenges are equal, no, I know that sometimes life can throw you a curve ball that really brings you to your knees.

Here is an example, a sixty year old manager was stealing from his firm, he had become so comfortable is his deception and thought he would never be caught. When the truth came to light he decided to drive himself into a tree. Yes, drove himself into a tree in a way to get sympathy for what he had been caught doing, how dumb is that? The best way to confront any challenge in life is head on, you do not shy away, if it was your doing that got you in the mess, face the music and take the punishment. People have to learn and understand that every action will bring about an equal reaction so if you do not want shame and punishment coming your way, stay on the straight and narrow.

We have to grow up and face the music, there is no action without consequences, good or bad. Grow up, face life, it’s challenges and all that comes with life like a grown up.

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