Chase after it afraid.

Are you one of those people who has a dream to be something big and the size of what you want to become scares you? You sit and think about the dream and are excited about it but the more you take time to think about it the more you feel small and want to water it down because it’s just that huge. I have some bad news, you will likely not become anything if you give in to that fear, you will fail before you even start. If your dreams intimidate you, if they scare you so much that they make you think you are insane, that is the dream you need to go for afraid. Allow me to tell you why that insane dream is just the right thing for you and why you need to chase after it, hang in there for just 6minutes and I promise you will never fear your dream ever again.

The year is 1979, the month is April, the 10th day to be precise, the town is too complex to remember , the City is Gweru (l know, I have to look it up on a map) the Country is Zimbabwe on a small continent called Africa, a bouncing baby boy is delivered to an average middle class family. Unlike his siblings, for an unknown reason he is named after a character in the bible whose name means laughter because his mother was happy and was laughing because the second boy is delivered to a family whose lineage had a lot of girls. Isaac, the first name of the boy is also his grandfather’s name, he is a delight to the family but has already been condemned to being mediocre because none of his family have made it in life, none has seen the door of a college and yes, none had a high paying job.

As sure as the sun has shown on the face of the earth, little Isaac makes childhood mistakes like any other kid and all he knows and heard was how bad he was, how he was destined to be nothing, his teachers, family members and even his own mother calls him a no good child. If you are thinking that he ends up in trouble and his life is a dead end by the time he is a teenager, you are spot on. The odds for this kid to make it out of his neighborhood were so slim, life was against him, it would take a meteor smashing into earth for him to be anything.

The one thing Isaac had going for him were his dreams, little kid had seen Anthony Robinson on TV and he wanted to be a motivational speaker just like Anthony. (Are my 6minutes up? I am just about to shock you, 2 more minutes and you will chase your dream albeit with fear) Isaac had one more thing working against him, he had slurred speech, little kid also had stage fear, he just could not stand in front of people and not faint. Sounds like he had it all setup for him in life right?

So, it’s now 2014, where is Isaac and whatever became of his life? That’s the question you all would want to know right? You are reading the motivational speakers blog, has he made it big yet? well he is on his way and still chasing a dream that he was so afraid of because of where he was born, how he grew up, what was said to him and who was not for him. Dreams are free but if you want to realize them, chase after them and turn them into reality. No one will do what you are called to do better than you so no matter what, you are the only you who lives, who can accomplish what you dream of. Other people may live as you dream and seem to be better but they are not you, chase your dream even in moments it scares you so bad that you cannot see how it will ever come alive, life responds to those who push through against all odds.

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