The threat to your destiny

So I am sitting in traffic on my way to work, there is an accident three exits away from where I am stopped. I had been sitting there close to an hour and now my patience had been tested, I started to feel agitated and I was getting mad. I had been up so early hoping to be in the office before anyone, before the phones started ringing, before the fax machines started making the annoying sound they always do when warming up, before I had any other normal office hour distractions but no thanks to this accident, my plans had all gone down the drain, so I thought.

I caught myself smiling, if I can work from home at times, what was stopping me from working in my car? It had just struck me, I wasted an hour not because I was stuck in traffic but because I could not see past the traffic and find a way to make the situation work for me while sitting there. Why had I not thought about this the second I had heard that they are delays because of this accident? The radio traffic report had forewarned me that they were delays ahead, it was not up to me to make alternatives and not drive right into the mess. I had neglected to make arrangements, I had ignored the news and neglected to counter the downtime in traffic with plugging my laptop and going online to do some work.

When challenges come your way, there is always more than one way out of trouble. We normally get stuck looking at the challenge that we fail to actually focus on the solutions. I often say that if you got yourself into trouble, you are not the best person to bring yourself out of that mess. You need a different set of eyes to look at your mess, you need help. The biggest challenges we face can cripple us, they can destroy us if we do not confront them but we easily become proud and despise help.

You determine your destiny, it is wise to have a good selection of people who advise you, diversity is great for success. You cannot stop at yourself for advice, widen your sphere of influence and connect to people. You are the biggest hindrance to your success and destiny if and when you fail to realize that you need more than you know to get you through life. Wise up, get a stronger core of influencers in your life.

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