Know your enemy

Having played sport in my younger days I know this one thing for sure, you have to know who the danger man/ woman is and you have to have a game plan for that particular enemy. In my day we did not have TVs in the team locker rooms or strategy rooms like we do today, heck we did not have a strategy room but we would meet to discuss how to approach each game.

Technology has advanced a lot for us in the 20th century, we can get footage (DVDs) of the opposing team and watch how they approach games. You could even have a team of people who do nothing but watch your opponents and compile a series of different styles and approaches that your opposition adapt for different situations, winning or losing. We live in a sophisticated world and you can almost be in the opponents dressing room and know their plan just by watching them and also watching them play out their game.

I have tried to take that same formula and approach in my life and how I conduct myself, I get to know what I am up against and adopt my style to the situation I am confronting. Your enemy is not necessarily a person, it can be a challenge you are facing, it can be a career or an exam and studies you are undertaking. It is not always people who we fight against, we always make the mistake of looking at people only as the issue, at times it’s the situation not the people. You have to look at the situation in its totality and approach it in a way that answers and advances your cause.

When you know your enemy, when you study them, it is more difficult to derail, frustrate, upset or hinder you from obtaining victory. We know ourselves or rather we should know ourselves well enough such that we know what ticks us off, what motivates us, what frustrates and irritates and if we know all that, the only thing left to know is hour enemy functions, all that information becomes your ticket to victory.

Knowing your enemy does not guarantee victory, it simply gives you an advantage in confronting your enemy and places you on the same platform. How you apply the knowledge and information about your enemy is what gives you victory.

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