New year, how to succeed in it.

Did you make any New Years resolutions, had you completed last year’s resolutions? Why really do you make any resolutions and what do you think will change by the year turning?

I do not ask to be mean or to be nasty but I want to understand really what new year resolutions are for. Before 2011 I was one of those people who make year on year resolutions, I just had to make them and there was no measure, no accountability and no follow up to the resolutions. I had a laundry list of resolutions, I would make sure that I had at least 10 for me to feel that I had a plan for the year. As you might have guessed, I accomplished nothing and to be blunt, I did nothing and had no follow up such that in the next year I totally ignored the previous years’ resolutions and made new ones.

So the question is how do you make resolutions that you can keep, accomplish and really achieve? I am glad you asked, my answer is in two parts, either avoid making resolutions or make just (1) no resolutions. I know, it’s sounds like I am an advocate for doing nothing in a new year right, well if you said that you are wrong. I am an advocate of making plans for your life that are relevant, achievable and reasonable. Yes, SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, realistic, time specific) goals.

This year my goal was to sign up for a Course and complete it by the end of the year, I did. So here is how simple it is, I want an education, I want to be at the top of my career so getting qualifications in my field was the only route I saw and I went for it. The course (specific) is 12months (measurable) the course is in my field of work (attainable) and it’s what I do (realistic) and it is only 12 months (time specific) making it my smart goal of the year. This a University course, part time so between work, my wife and kids and my personal time (golf) this is a full time commitment making it the only goal for my career.

I am also committed to improving my relationships but that does not mean I have to make a resolution for that. They are things that you need to do as a human being that do not require a resolution. If you have to make a resolution to be nice there is something wrong with you, it has to be something that you do naturally. It’s unreasonable for men to make a resolution to love their wives, seriously that is a no brainer. Resolutions were never meant for what we ought to be but what we aspire to become which is over and above the normal lines of being human.

Plan smart, do not throw a list because your friends are stating their goals, do not give in to peer pressure because you will feel like a loser for something you never meant in the first place. It’s not too late to scratch what you have, go back to the drawing board and plan anew. As a matter of fact I know that many have already given up because some set unrealistic goals, some have no motivation because your plan is not measurable and you have no push to honour your own commitment so scratch the list, start again but with only 1 item on that list. Make it specific, make it something close and dear to your heart for it to be worth your while.

Start new, start right

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