Long term planning

One of the toughest things to do is plan, let alone plan for the future. It has always been a pull back for many, it’s so tough that many live day to day and could careless about planning.

Planning is so important and necessary for success. Have you ever heard the saying that goes “fail to plan and you have just planned to fail?” That saying is so very true. When you aim at nothing it goes without say that you will hit nothing. You cannot expect your GPS to navigate you to a destination you have not entered. It’s foolish to expect a map alone to take you to where you want to go when you gave no clue where you want to go.

Planning is essential, it is like a map of your life or a GPS that give you turn by turn directions. When you plan you set the course of your life and you follow through by going through the plan. You are guaranteed more success when you can set your sights on the long term game. It’s never ok to live just for the now and not plan for the years to come.

Retirement and saving accounts speak volumes to the importance of thinking of the future. Do not be fooled by short term joy, by the glitter and glamour of chasing wealth or showing off that you forget to plan for years to come. Forget the money, what will happen to your kids, where will the live, will they have to pay off your debt or leave comfortably if your hard labour?

Think strategically, the future is not just for you when you have kids. If you want your kids to live life comfortably, plan for it, if you want then to regret having a parent go never thought of them then do nothing for the future and plan for nothing.

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  1. Continuing Laudable Efforts

    I am continually looking online for posts that can aid me. Thank you!


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