The true meaning

Today was an eye opener, I was moved to do a little more research on the true origin of Christmas, it was fascinating. Who knew that we could twist the true meaning of this season to serve our own interests and forget what it all was about.

Alright, I will not tell you how St Nicholas was a wealthy guy who gave money to the needy in secret and we took him to be a Fat white guy in a red suit. It’s hard to believe that this St Nicholas shape type we now call Santa Claus was just a Christian who gave to the poor and our celebration for his life has become a commercial enterprise that is aimed at making us spend money instead of give to the needy. What is the true meaning of Christmas, were did it all originate from and what’s the reason we celebrate Christmas?

We have to Keep the true meaning of Christmas or at least revive it, it’s time to go back to the true meaning of Christmas. It’s a time for family, sharing, giving and love.

Merry Christmas all.

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