Strong start, strong finish

I will not take credit for that heading or subject line, one of my bosses used that so religiously it caught on. The beauty about how he used it was that it made me conscious to what I was doing and where I was getting stuck, I was more awake to how I was starting anything I did.

How are you starting anything that you have to do? I know many will say that they are a lot things, projects, events or items that you started off hating and later fell in love with but honestly speaking, you can count those. You will probably have more projects that you were passionate about in the planning phase and as you moved towards implementation, the take off power was either killed by someone or lost and the start was less than ideal. Not to sound dark but truthfully speaking, it is much tougher to ignite a fire with wet wood, you almost need not start the fire than waste energy and time with wet wood. It is my opinion that you tend to get more excited about something that starts well than something that has a messy start.

Strong starts are not or rather tend not to be very huge in a sense of scale but in the sense of the attitude of the person behind the start. Strong start means your mind, will, attitude and focus is all in line and you are not having doubts and wondering what will be or waft will fail, a string start has mind and focus in line and all headed in one direction taking off at the same time.

You can easily fall in love with a project after a little sting of being jaded, you can find your love and passion again if you once had it once. Strong starts also call from sound research and planing. The best architectural structure was once a design and only became what it is because of how it was envisioned. The power of a plan is in it’s execution that is one a plan can never be perfect without implementation and without someone who loves it that much to push it forward.

Strong start, strong finish

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