Unintended consequences

Some call it and believe in Karma, some call it and believe in bad luck, whatever you call it or believe it to be I want you to know this, for every decision and action you take there are consequences that follow. The reaction unlike science experiments you carried out in school, have a bad habit of not being instant and thus many are fooled into thinking they are invincible and nothing can touch them and they can get away with anything.

Many powerful people, actually a variety of people from the young and uneducated to the rich and clueless also encompassing the young and wise and the rich and very wise have all made the mistake of thinking that because none was there to see them, they got away with it. I have lived long enough to know that life may not demand accountability every time you make a decision but once in a while it will demand it in the most cruel if not brutal of manners.

Do not be fooled, there is nothing bad that you do that you can keep on doing for the rest of your life, there comes a point in life when there is a need to show up and stand with your record. Do you know why there is no affair that can be kept hidden forever? Yeah, that is just it, if your conscience does not punish you, all your acts will be revealed to those you tried to hide things from and the embarrassment is just beyond words.

Do not be fooled, there is no small white lie, there is no lie for the greater good, a lie is a lie. There is no way to justify a lie as good, you can place lip gloss on a pig and at the end of the day no matter how pretty that pig looks with lip gloss, it is still a pig. You can even dress a lie as the most beautiful thing on this planet but bottom line is underneath all that dressing is a lie. There is nothing that makes a lie attractive or good, even when we are blind to that truth, a lie is just but a lie. There is no half truth, truth has no grey areas so lets just get that one out of the way, we may make it convenient for us not to tell the truth but that does not mean that there is such a thing as a half truth.

Look back into history, research as far back as you can and you will see that truth has a very funny way of surfacing, it always comes out. Justice has a way to find its way to the rightful people, a few years can pass and the bad can seem to have prevailed but there always comes a time when the good rise to the top. This week we are reminded so much of how a good men can never be kept out of the light no matter who is against him. Twenty and seven years Nelson Mandela was locked away for chasing after equality, finally after the longest jail term any leader can face, he walked from being a prison to being a President and World Icon.

When you make decisions, choices or whatever else you choose, make sure that you do not set in motion events that you will later regret. I like to think of decision making as knocking a domino or throwing a boomerang, there is an end result, it can go on to start new beautiful events or it can come back to knock you out. There is a law of unintended consequences and it it activated when people make selfish decisions out of fear, greed, mistrust, malicious intentions, nasty behaviour and careless attitudes, make sure you make sound decisions, you will never regret those.

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