A tribute to Madiba

What a life. What a rich, deep, fulfilled, satisfied, character revealing, long satisfied life. Nelson Madiba Mandela at the ripe old age of 95 finally rests, what a life.

Twenty seven years a prisoner, Nelson came out of prison and unified a nation, never driven by anger or hatred by love. His was a mission and a passion born out out love and demonstrated through character and good morals. What a life, what an example he was.

His character alone speaks more of him than words can ever tell, how can a man who was captured and imprisoned for his beliefs look his enemies and embrace them without retaliating? What love is that strong that it does not seek revenge even for the most evil of souls? Madiba demonstrated what it means to love your enemy, he led his life not as a perfect men but as one who sought peace, Madiba engraved his name in a Hall of fame that is not tangible but one that is more eternal, our hearts.

Long live the spirit of peace, long live the lovers of freedom, long live the spirit of oneness. May we all find such love for humanity that we seek the better angels in people than appeal to the worst of humanity. May we all learn and teach love, may we always chase after peace and the best of humanity, love live the spirit and legacy of greatness. Rest in Peace Madiba

2 Responses to “A tribute to Madiba”
  1. Simba Shamu says:

    Nice. Viva Tata Madiba


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