All about people.

As you grow older in life you begin to realize some things that you knew but did not fully understand, certain issues start to make a little more sense. I am by no means old in the sense of the word but what I have done from a tender age was be aligned with more mature older folk and now I get to be a little out if the box as compared to my peers who have not been exposed to elderly mentors like I did. Yes it was deliberate, I always wanted to spend sometime with the older crew because of their perspective and reasoning. 

Earlier I posted an article about how people leave Managers not companies, I posted it because it both is personal to me and also it is so true. My father worked for the same firm since leaving High School, he still works for them today and that is about 30 plus years later. In my fathers very long service, Managers have come and go, the Company has seen it all in terms of hardships and hurdles and my dad has not had any second thoughts about leaving because Management has let him be. While many have had various changes to their patterns, pensions and working hours, Management has let my dad be and he has had the same pattern since he was employed which has made him the most loyal person his organization has ever employed.

I have never heard my dad complain about work, he never missed a day off work because he was ill, everyday no matter the weather my dad always turned up for work. There was a time when his boss was promoted to head office which was in another city, he asked my dad be moved too because of how hard he worked. With a wife and five kids it is not easy to uproot and start in a new town, it was tough for my dad to say no and even tougher for his boss to accept the no. It was easy for my dad to commit to his firm because his Managers committed to him, he is still committed to the firm to this day.

The truth is that people relate to people, some come because of the strength, vision, and size of the company and stay because of how they are treated. Every company has a name, walls, a desk and chairs, very few companies have great management teams that mentor and reward their staff. I know people who have resigned from firms and have taken up what seemed to be positions at firms that were not recognized as the biggest in the industry but they did that because they could not get what management was all about where they were.

It’s not the firms that affirm people, it’s the leaders…

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