Need for a father figure

My 4yr old son cannot get enough from me, I am amazed how much he has grown and how at 4years of age he wants to imitate what I do. He wants to grow a beard so he can shave like me, he wants to wear my shoes because he thinks they are cool, he wants to be like his dad. The one thing that I love the most is how he needs me, he calls me at work (has his mother dial my number) so he can tell me that he wants me back home to play.

I have discovered that I still need my father even at the age of 34, I miss talking to him, I miss just sitting and listening to him tell me stories from his early days as a boy. My dad is a men of few words but we had a good rapport, he always had words of wisdom for me. Daddy knew how to give advice, he would not volunteer answers but would make me search for the answers after he constructed an argument to provoke my thinking.

To see young end growing up with no father figures in their lives is a tragedy, if the men are not teaching the boys how real men behave then how will the young men know how to be men. Being male is by birth but being a men is not just a choice, it is also real men teaching younger men how to handle themselves as men. I admire single mothers who have and continue to raise young boys. The world is fast changing and it takes a real men to lead boys into me hood, it takes real men to step up to the plate and lead the charge.

We need more fathers to be responsible and take care of their families, protect the kids, care for the women and love them. We need men who are willing to stand and preach morals, not because they read it somewhere but because they live the morals themselves. We need men that can show their sons how to open doors for women, how to pull up a chair when in a restaurant or conferences. We need father figures to mentor through any young men they may come across.


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