Getting to know people

Have you ever been hurt by someone and they go on as if nothing happened while you are hurting? Have you ever made a decision because you thought someone’s actions was meant to hurt you only to find that they had no clue they even offended you? As human beings we often judge people’s actions based on what we want them to do and how we want them to react then when they don’t, we get upset and hurt. We set goals and expectations for people which we do not communicate to them then we get upset why this person does not seem to get what we have planned and how we expect them to behave.

The frustration that comes with that causes us to have hidden motives when we communicate with those people, we almost test them with each thing we do or say. We want them to get what we want, we forget to build relationships or seek to understand them. I often give the example of my family, we are so diverse and different. We had to learn to get along because of our differences yet we expect total strangers to be on the same wave length as us yet we never open ourselves to know them or for them to know us.

Getting to know a person does not guarantee that you will get along, it builds trust and it simply eliminates the need to pretend, it opens up each person to how the other thinks. The easiest thing in the world to do is ascribe a thought pattern to someone instead of getting to know that person and you get to know how they think. Hidden motives always cause stress because each time the person gets a wrong impression, the rift grows. It is easy, so easy to think that a person is evil, the tough thing to do is get close. When we learn the people we interact with, we grow bonds and relationship, we cease to judge people. Invest in people, take off the headphones, strike a conversation and get to know people. Knowing people humanizes them, it makes you see them for who they are.

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