Know when to walk away

After 39years of working for the same Accounting Form, waiting for a promotion, George was hopeful that he would have the position of his dreams. George was an Accountant, well respected father of two, he never missed a day of work and was really hard working. George had been passed year in and year out on being made a Partner in the Firm.

Those who once were George’s bosses had moved on to other firms and tried to lure George to the various firms they had gone to but George was hopeful that something would happen, he had invested enough in the firm for him to walk away. In the course of his duties, George was responsible for mentoring which had loved so much.

George had trained a youngman by the name of Phil, he had trained many more but Phil was by far the best trainee George had ever trained. Phil had become more than just a trainee, he was George’s best friend. Phil was the best trainee because in a period of 5years he had been promoted to the position of Senior Accountant before moving on to start his own firm. Phil’s firm had taken the Industry by storm and was now in its second year and on three continents.

Phil was so indebted to George for all he had done and had offered George a very lucrative position an the Chief Auditor for all the Commercial Clients they had across the firms operations on the three continents they had operations, George had turned it down. With all Phil had to offer George, he could not convince him to walk away from a 39year commitment and dream, George had every intention to realize his dream at this firm he had invested his life in.

On the anniversary of his 40th year, The firm had a party for George, the owner of the firm personally came to celebrate with George. What an honour George thought when he saw the CEO in the lunchroom, ” is this the day that I get to realize my dream” George thought to himself as he intently looked at the envelope in the hands of his boss. The CEO gave a warm speech and handed the envelope to George as he walked out, he pulled George close as if to hug him and whispered a few words into his ears. You would have thought that George had rolled on white paint, his fascias expression was that of one who had seem a Ghost, he had just been let go.

The envelope contained his severance package, what had seemed to be his 40year service award party was actually his termination day. George had flash backs as he walked back to his desk to pack his belongings, he had literally built the place to be what it was but this was the first time he had ever met The CEO. George thought about all the offers he had been given, he could have left with his head held high but now he would be begging even his friend for whatever post he had as the position he was offered was now filled by someone else.

George failed to cease the moment, he did not know when to walk away and start on a new page. 40 years of service in that split second when he was handed the severance envelope, meant nothing. If only he had acknowledged sooner that he had no future here, maybe he was too comfortable, it was too late to go back and seek the answer as to why he never walked away. All George knew in that moment was he had failed to recognize a good opportunity when he was offered, he had failed to know when to walk away from something he had invested a lot in but had no dividends in the end for him, whatever the answer was, George had lost more than a job.

Failing to recognize the moment to walk away had cost George his life, his service and most of all it had given this once happy, proud guy a reason to believe in his ability to make a decision. Sad that not knowing when to walk away can steal really good moments in life that you cannot go back to recreate or take, sad.

Be a good judge of the times, learn to evaluate everything you think and do.

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