Freedom to think

The 21st Century has opened an entirely new playground for science, Politics, societal issues and yes, Technology. We are in the microwave generation where our news is in 140 Characters, we live on the internet and we cannot communicate unless we are on the phone or some device. We have come to a place where we cannot think for ourselves, we have to let the technology do the thinking and yes, the media now not only tell us what to think but also how to think.

As a Political junkie I laugh when I listen to the news and debates, everything we watch on a News Channel is shaped and arranged to tell a story from the minute the first show comes on to the second the last show comes to a close. We no longer have News broadcasts, we have opinion journalistic shows that drive an agenda and try to shape our minds in one way or another. Dare I go into who owns these Neteorks? We have over 1500 outlets owned by a handful of people, do you not think they have an agenda?

I love reading, researching and debates because it sharpens my mind, there is a world of information out there waiting to be discovered. As I mentor people, I always challenge them to random debates to find what their thought patterns are. There is nothing as liberating as researching and finding out new and fascinating information, it is so exciting to learn something new each day. Information is out there, go for it, search, find out, research and get whatever you need because there is a wealth of information out there. You need to love freedom enough to think for yourself after you have gathered everything if not enough information to make a decision.

Think for yourself, do not be told by other people what to think, formulate your own patterns and find like minded people to help you grow in the area you want. Do not be intimidated by the the knowledge other people have, respect their expertise people have but research what you need and come to your own conclusions. Just because the commercial on TV shows you something and says its great for you, that does not mean it is great for you. You have the brains, think for yourself.

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