The company we keep

Show me a men’s friends and I will spell out his character. Your friends say more about you than you think. Friends. chosen wrongly can bring you down, they can destroy your reputation in the name of friendship while you cheer them on, how do you chose your so called “friends”.

In my books, one cannot have an unlimited number of friends, that is a recipe for failure. We now live in an error where we define a stranger we have never met, who is ten thousand miles away, a friend just because they requested our friendship on Facebook or Twitter. Friendship is more than liking one’s status on a social platform, it certainly is more than an online interest.

The Company we keep should bring meaning and reinforce purpose in our lives . When you find that you are the smartest, most educated, considerably wealthier than all your friends and you have the most stable and better paying job amongst all your friends, you must be insecure. True, healthy friendship can do two things, give and take.

You cannot be the one everyone comes to when they need advice, the one whose house is used for all meetings and activities, the one who is always telling everyone what to do, that is not a healthy friendship. Be in a friendship where you can be vulnerable, speak your mind with no retribution, give and take advice, keep healthy company round you always.

Did you know that broken people naturally find other broken people and make broken friends? You have to resist the temptation to find people like you, one of you is more than enough. Seek people you can learn from, people who can inspire and motivate you, people who you can be honest and transparent with. True friends in my books cannot be more than 3, true friendship can never be something that is common with anyone. It’s so special that it is rare. Know the difference between friends, acquaintances, colleagues and strangers, not everyone who listens to you is your friend. Know the company you keep and why you keep them.

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