What you don’t know can kill you

Forget what people say, I have proved that some of the statements that we have always believed are as far from the truth and reality than we imagined. Everything has to be qualified, do not just take what is said to be all it is, verify what you have always been told.

What you don’t know can kill you. Imagine driving on a road that has a cliff and there is no speed sign or sign to advise that the road will curve with an 80foot drop!! If that is too graphic lets try imagine that one of your family members has accidentally cut the brake line of their car during repairs, you borrow the car and you are not privy to the fact that the it has no brakes, would that not kill you?

Let’s not even take that statement on its face, let’s imagine the killing is more emotional or spiritual, when you have no idea what you should know, that can potentially kill you. When you are in the dark you can fail to obtain the best of what’s available for you, make it your business to acquire knowledge and learn as much as you can.

The counter to lack of knowledge is learning, love knowledge keep in the know. Read books, research, ask and just keep your brain active. An idle brain can easily be manipulated and cheated, do not stop learning and that will avoid you being duped or fooled. What you don’t know, can kill you so know as much as you can.

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