Vantage point

You can view success from different vantage points! The most important is from where you stand. Not everyone sees what you see that’s why it is important to have your own opinion about what you want and where you are going.

From your vantage point what do you view your success story to be? Remember, success is not one dimensional, it does not look as your neighbours’ story and it is not as complicated as people make it. If you look at success as money then you may never be satisfied until you have billions, if you look at success as having a lot of cars then that’s all you focus on and never get satisfaction as long as you don’t see the cars. Define success past money, fame and possessions.

It is important that first you define what your success perimeters are then share with those that share your story and people you trust so that they can keep you in check and yes tell you from their vantage points how you are doing. We always say that it is better when someone else assesses your situation because they are objective, outsiders (close and trusted friends) can provide a very good measure of how you are doing if they know your goals. Do not be afraid of their view points, if they are trusted friends then you know that they want you to attain your goals and so their vantage point matters.

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