It’s not the game, it’s the player

You know how they say Politics is a dirty game? Well, it’s not a dirty game, it’s the players that are dirty. There is nothing wrong with building a Towns’ bridge, there is nothing dirty about building roads, schools and providing clean water to people, nothing wrong with that at all. Politics is nothing but how a Town, City and Country are run, how Nations relate and behave with each other but those who have crafted the game to enrich themselves make it seem like Politics is for the rich only.

Think about it, if upright people who are focused on the people they serve were really in power, the game would not be so dirty right. Every game, even the mudder marathon is a good game as long as it it played in the spirit of the game. Take hockey or football, how many times have you heard that the game is nasty? I would imagine a few times but I can bet you have heard of a few dirty players that are talked about every time you hear of discipline being a list art in the game. It’s never the game, always a few players that twist the intent to suit their own image of the game, dirty as it may be.

Politicians are self serving, power hungry smart people, they are in it for themselves that is why they only get to visit their constituents when they want something. Be mindful of the players, know what they stand for, what drives them so that you can avoid the dirty ones. It’s not the game, it’s the players.

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