What motivates you

Take a second and really think about it, what motivates you? When you are feeling down, what gets you in high spirits, when you have lost a big deal, what gets you looking ahead to the next one without weeping uncontrollably? Seriously, what gives you a reason to carry on when all seems lost and your hope is shuttered?

Why do I ask you wonder, because when you know what drives you, the default in troubled times is to seek it. Have a motivator, be it a person, a goal or whatever you deem a driver for your passions but just have one.

Life will always have moments that take joy from you, they are speed bumps, hurdles and mountains in life and a motivating or inspirational something helps you get up or push forward.

For me, God, my wife and my kids are my motivation. I do not know how I could have made it through all the tough times without God, just trusting him alone gives me a hope beyond any that I can dig up myself. My wife and kids cheer me, I live for them and because I have them tattooed on my mind, my passion is their joy.

Have a motivator and keep plugging away even in the toughest of times.

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