Only believe

When your world is crushing around you and all you hold dear is slowly eroding and fading away, just believe and never give up.

They are times when the best advice won’t work, when faith seems to be fading, when friends abandon you, when money won’t make a dent to your problems and all you know just won’t cut it. Life can throw curve balls at times and you can score in your own net but no matter what, only believe.

Hold on to what works, never give up because times are hard. If you made it before, you can make it again. Life seems to give you tests that you have faced but just a little stronger each time and much more demanding. There is no door without a key or handle to open it, face each challenge with a determination to overcome it.

Things may seem tough, life may seem demanding as you go through the dark moments but it will all pass. There is no storm that rages without a stop, it will calm down eventually, hold in tight and just believe, keep the hope and faith, just believe and you will succeed.

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