Easily fooled

I am sure you have figured out by now that Politics is not as dirty as they make it sound, it is the bread that we eat, the cost of fuel in our cars, the kind of cars we drive, the houses we live in and the roads we drive on. Politics basically is how we get to live as a society and what we can do together, Politicians make it sound complex so that they can keep you uninterested while they make all the money and treat people like fools.

If asked, most of us have no interest in public office, we tend not to care and voting is something that we only get to hear of during a major election by friends and the media. Why I ask, why is it that the most interested in Politics are the rich and it seems like the same old people and class of society have interest in politics while everyone else does not care? Well, I have an answer for you. Rich people understand that if you are not influencing the decisions, life is handling you and most of us do not get that how we live is a policy decision made by the law makers.

They are three kinds of people in my books, those who make law, those who influence the law makers and those who are handled by the law, which class do you fall in? If you do not care about politics, politics cares about you and will you with you so and when you think you are minding your own business, politics will be minding you.

Here is the basic premise, know what laws are being made because they affect you, be wise, get involved. I have never understood neither will I understand people who just don’t care about the laws that are made for them. How can you be successful when you have no idea what the parameters of your operations should be? Be wise, know your local Mp, know the issues that are being debated, wise up.

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