Trust part 5 (ii)

They are times when you have to make a decision and you don’t have enough evidence or information and the only thing you have is your “gut feeling”, you better trust trust yourself at that moment.

When you lack confidence in yourself which is evidenced by lack of trust in yourself, you simply cannot make decisions and when you do make a decision, you question yourself all day long.

Imagine being a stock Broker who cannot buy the stock he recommends other people, will your clients trust you? The answer is obviously no, when you cannot buy what you are selling then that is the time not to sell at all because people look at what you do and then that is what makes them have the confidence to invest in what you believe in.

People don’t just buy a product, they buy it from people they trust.

How many commercials have you seen on TV where the brands say they are second best and have some belief in what they do? No one who trusts himself ever has a confidence issue, they make it known that they are the best and boldly stand behind what they show, say and do.

Trust yourself, people have no choice but to buy what you are selling when you have enough faith in you.

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