Trust part 5 (I)

We can talk a good game about Trust and how you have to keep an eye out on all you deal with and how you have to communicate and not be blind in how and who you trust but if we don’t address you we are not being true in what we are talking about.

If you do not Trust yourself to make decisions, find the right friends, make the right business deals and in any relationship that you have, there is no point in talking about all the other components of Trust. Being able to trust yourself is truly the first foundational pillar if not the most essential pillar of Trust. Any decision that you make out of fear is one decision that you worry, stress and struggle with everyday and night and takes away your energy from other endeavours you are supposed to deal with.

At times we empower people to walk over us and treat us like doormats simply because we do not Trust ourselves thereby giving them power to take control and charge and run us down. Not Trusting yourself has ripple effects and consequences, you can find yourself losing business deals simply because you do not Trust yourself which causes business people to see the lack of Trust which comes off as incompetency. How people see us or the degree to which people Trust us is primarily based on the Trust we have for ourselves.

Trusting yourself causes you to have a spring in your step, it makes decision making easy and you are not afraid of challenges because you Trust that you will get a way out. I always like to debate with young college kids because they Trust the studying the have done on issues and have a certain confidence that shows well in their presentations. Confidence is not just built by the experience you have dealing with an issue, it is also built by the amount of Trust you have in yourself. Trusting yourself almost gives a sense of identity and that has its own uplifting effects, a health person has a certain level Trust in themself.

At times when you find that you do not Trust people a lot and have what we may call Trust issues, check how much you trust yourself. You cannot freely trust other people when you hardly trust yourself, it’s very difficult if not impossible. When you do not Trust yourself it’s hard to lead, you will always be a follower and never a pace setter, you are more comfortable being a number 2 than the number 1 person.

Start today, ask yourself and be honest, how much do you Trust yourself?

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